The AN Institute Head Office is located at 32 Flinders Terrace, Port Augusta, South Australia

Postal Address - PO Box 456, Port Augusta, South Australia 5700

Telephone (08) 86411499

Office Hours - Monday to Wednesday 9am to 5pm.

EMAIL anipaug@internode.on.net

    AN Institute is administered by a Board consisting of eleven, elected by Active and Life Members.

AN Institute operates in two main areas:-  Adelaide and Port Augusta in South Australia

(link www.anitas.com.au)

Australian National Institute was formed as a result of the amalgamation of the railway institutes of the rail systems,  that were united with the formation of Australian National Railways in 1975.  These being South Australian Railways Institute, Commonwealth Railways Institute and the Tasmanian Government Railways Institute

The Institute's role was to assist the Railway Commission with the provision of welfare services to it's employees and to cater for the social and recreational needs of the railway employees.  This role led to the Institute becoming a major provider of recreational facilities in country areas with a railway workforce.  A network of holiday homes was established as part of this role.

In November 1997 Australian National was sold to various companies in the private sector

Australian National Institute had received progressively less support from Australian National from July of 1995, and by December 1996 virtually all support with the exception of the 'peppercorn lease' of various properties the Institute used had ceased.  Many of these facilities had been built on railway land with Institute members funds.

The Federal Government directed that Australian National Institute had to purchase any of the Commonwealth owned property it needed.  A price was calculated based on a valuation of the properties and the equity the Institute had in the various properties.  These properties were purchased and passed to Institute ownership in 1998.

With the demise of Australian National it was apparent that the Institute would need to expand its membership beyond it's traditional railway base.  This has occurred to a certain degree, however the majority of members still have an association with the rail industry either as former employees of Australian National or they are working for the new owners.

The Institute is now a community social organisation and has several affiliated sporting clubs in South Australia.

Surplus assets have been distributed to community groups at no charge . Donations were made to local community groups when country branches closed.  In South Australia Tailem Bend, Port Lincoln, Peterborough and Port Pirie are examples.

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